Global Supply Chain



 Due Diligence Consulting, offers supply chain security consulting and assessment programs to aid our clients in understanding their supply chain, identify the weakness in their supply chain, and make improvements to reduce the risk to their supply chain.

Due Diligence Consulting can assist its’ clients by understanding the risk to their company posed by security issues of their business partners and others who are integral parts of their supply chain. We have experience in assessing security weaknesses along the supply chain from the point of manufacture through the final domestic destination.

Understanding the threat to your business posed by access control, physical security weaknesses, personnel security issues such as internal conspiracies, and re-evaluating your current procedures and processes is what we offer. We do not to fix all problems. We try to evaluate your needs, prepare solutions based on process and procedural adjustments before recommending expenditures on physical security measures.

Due Diligence Consulting, LLC has gathered a group of highly motivated individuals from a variety of fields to create the Security Evaluation Team. These professionals bring their expertise in law, law enforcement, shipping, military, investigative, security, management, education and training to produce our cohesive team. Due Diligence Consulting has already worked hand in hand with the US Merchant Marine Academy to produce training programs in supply chain security.

Security Risk Analysis for specific problem areas. Faced with an ongoing problem or have you detected a weakness in your security process? We can evaluate what steps have already been taken and what alternative steps may be necessary to resolve repeated incidents or detected weaknesses. We are not providers of any security hardware, we offer alternatives and layered security processes as a methodology for reducing or eliminating certain risks to your business. We do not believe in one the dimensional security approach that eats up large sums of operating capital and only provides a single layer of security. Our focus is to understand the weakness and suggest several alternatives which may reduce or eliminate the risk that can be flexible and adjusted to changing threats in the future.

C-TPAT We can provide application assistance for the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. From initial review of company procedures through the application process and to the validation phase, Due Diligence Consulting is experienced with each phase of the project and the needs presented in each step.

Validation / Re-Validation Support Due Diligence Consultants offers a comprehensive review of your C-TPAT program prior to validation and re-validation to ensure all aspects of your security profile are functioning the way they should be for an upcoming CBP review. We can offer solutions to any detected area in need of improvement before the actual validation step

C-TPAT Members: Are you tired of the overpriced “COOKIE
CUTTER” approaches offered by other C-TPAT Consultants. Let
Due Diligence Consulting assist you in evaluating your needs
and custom design a program which meets your company’s
needs and works within your budget. We offer inexpensive
solutions to maintaining your C-TPAT program, including the
Latest Five Step Process for Risk Assessment.